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Hesse, 25 Year Jubilee 3 Mark, 1917-A (Berlin), PCGS MS63

Coin Details

A beautiful coin, the obverse with full booming lustre surrounding a high 3-D portrait.  The reverse boasts full cartwheel lustre.  Planchet adustment is evident on the obverse and this is what apparently bothered PCGS, although this is a natural, technical fact of manufacture.  Contact marks are negligible.

Officially, the entire mintage of 1,333 was struck in Proof; however, some business strikes MUST have been done as a handful of examples in MS are known.  These must ALL be considered EXTREMELY rare.  To date, this is the FINEST example of this coin as a business strike known.  We have only seen one other comparable example to date (which we owned in 2008, and which also showed planchet adjustment).

Krause-Mishler #
Jaeger #
Denomination Mark
Name, Date, Mintmark
25 Year Jubilee
1917-A (Berlin)
Grade MS63
1, none higher
+ Link to PCGS

Holder Type All coins are enclosed in a 
€6 750.00