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Hesse, 5 Mark, 1891-A (Berlin), PCGS PR63CAM

Coin Details

The sharply frosted details jump out of deep mirrors!  Some VERY faint hairlines (which you'll have to twirl the coin to even find!) are what made PCGS pull the hand-brake at 63CAM, but what kept them from giving this beauty a "+" is beyond my understanding. 

With a Proof mintage estimated at only about 100 pieces, it is quite likely that this is the most attractive Proof example on the market still available to collectors.  Opportunity not only knocks very loud here, it may well be the ONLY opportunity for years to come to acquire such a gorgeous specimen.

Krause-Mishler #
Jaeger #
Denomination Mark
Name, Date, Mintmark
1891-A (Berlin)
Grade PR63CAM
1, none higher
+ Link to PCGS

Holder Type All coins are enclosed in a 
€9 750.00