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The common currency issues were generally ignored by collectors at the time.  Nobody much bothered to seek and set aside choice examples.  So when an example in this quality turns up, it's something really special. Beautifully struck with brilliant, booooming cartwheel lustre, this coin...
All of the King Otto currency coins are surprisingly difficult to find in any grade MS63 or higher, especially the large and heavy 5 Marks.  The hair and cheek on the portrait are highly susceptable to contact, along with the dreaded right field behind the head. This example exhibits some...
These large, heavy coins are quite rare in top grade.  This is a lovely, clean coin with no distractions visible to the naked eye, sharp detail contrasts with slightly mirror fields, some very faint golden toning around the edges highlights the inscriptions.
This was one of the coins about which I had a rather unsatisfactory discussion with PCGS President Don Willis in Paris.  My question was, why does PCGS use the "PL" designation ONLY for U.S. and Canadian coins?  But PCGS is apparently not open to extending this designation to coins of...
€1 975.00 
Full lustre on both sides and a lovely "old gold" color which is completely original. All this makes for a most attractive example in problem-free condition.
€1 175.00 
What a little beauty!  The few tiny bag-marks are fortuitously placed so as to disappear into the detail.  The reverse shows the extensive circular die break typical of this coin.  Unusual for a gold coin, this one has a bright swirling lustre proving the piece well worthy of the "+"....
€2 850.00 
What a beautiful little coin!  Any contact or bag-marks are discretely tucked away in parts of the design. The King's portrait has a satiny lustre and floats on a mirrored field.  The reverse has bold, swirling lustre.  NOTE: The quality of striking (or perhaps preparation of the dies)...
€1 175.00 
I always buy these when they exhibit the qualities of a First Strike!  The frosty Head and Imperial Eagle float on highly polished fields.  Surface contact is at a minimum and generally discretely placed.  I doubt if the single example graded higher looks any nicer than this. If only PCGS...
With full cartwheel lustre around sharp detail, this coin is a near-miss MS65+.  Only with a powerful glass will you find ANY tiny chatter in the fields.  The portrait and the Imperial Eagle are surprisingly clean.  A truly beautiful survivor of this much sought-after one-year type!
€2 675.00 
What an eye-full!  The snow-white portrait and Imperial Eagle float on 5" mirrors.  The only thing that keeps this coin from jumping up a grade or two is some slight haze on the field in front of the King's forehead and a miniscule nick behind the head.  With an estimated Proof mintage...
€1 975.00