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These coins have such sensitive surfaces ..... that's why over 95% of the Proofs on the market are more or less impaired.  This coin is problem-free apart from two small, natural planchet faults on the reverse, which appears to have bothered the graders more than it should have.  There is...
€2 950.00 
Very hard to find in higher grades, most examples from this aborted issue seem to be pretty banged-up.  This example has much better eye-appeal than most as almost all of the usual bag-marking disappears into the detail of the portraits, leaving the fields unusually clean.  Some light...
€3 475.00 
This coin has one of the lowest total mintages (1400) of any comemorative issue of the German Empire.  The planned mintage of 10,000 was aborted due to the incomplete title in the obverse inscription. Most of the Proofs produced had only the reverse with mirrored fields.  This is a...
€6 750.00