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I love these dainty little gold coins when they're all there!  No problems, good contrast, bright lustre, this is a rock-solid MS63.  Only a small faint break in the lustre to the right of the portrait is what kept PCGS from grading this coin higher.  KM doesn't even attempt to value...
€2 950.00 
ALL gold coins of Hessen in Proof condition are of the utmost rarity.  This example has lovely contrast and is well worthy of the CAM designation.  But at some time over the last 110 years, this coin must have come in contact with another, and the fields around the portrait bear the light...
€4 650.00 
In our opinion, this coin should have been graded MS 64, or at least MS63+.  Full cartwheel lustre on both sides and very well struck, this is a lovely, bright coin.  The hair on the Grand-Duke's head is full and not weak as so often encountered.  Based on recent auction realizations for...
€1 490.00