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Ooops !  How did this one get away ???  Especially considering the relatively low mintage. This coin is in virtually the same condition as when it was struck, but has acquired a delicate gold toning with hints of pink.  The KM values stop at BU (MS63). This is, and will remain, Top of the...
€1 475.00 
Virtually flawless condition like when it left the bank.  Well struck and very bright for these, the reverse shows under a glass the slightest trace of cabinet-wear.  That's it !!! These coins are held in low regard by many collectors as they are usually not attractive, often with "mushy...
OMG !  How did this coin survive in such perfect condition? The PCGS photo says it all.  If you are building a #1 set, there's no way to avoid this one.
ALL Rentenpfennig coins in Proof are RARE.  Our experience shows that they are also very much under-rated (and under-valued!) in top condition. Only some microscopic ticks (NOT visible to the naked eye!) keep this from ultimate perfection.  A faint overall toning makes this look more like...
What a joy it is, when one finds a TRUE Cameo Proof from the Berlin mint !  This example has satiny details which stand out boldly.  Slight original planchet porosity has been almost completely pressed out on the polished fields.  Hints of pinkish toning blending into turquoise toward the...
Way, way above average for these.  No corrosion or verdigris, almost no nicks or scratches from circulation, very clean but NOT cleaned! Altogether a premium example of this rare coin.  
€1 475.00