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A truly superior coin from a mint which was not producing its best at the time.  The striking is unusually full and sharp, the lustre is a lovely combination of a swirl around the inscriptions combined with a horizontal wash from die-cleaning.  Any contact is so minimal you really have to...
A very pleasing looking coin with surprisingly clean fields and no marks visible to the naked eye.  The lustre is full and even.  There is a surface flaw on the planchet at the very left of the reverse tucked in between the oak leaves and the rim, which is why PCGS down-graded this coin...
The real deal and probably the stand-alone example for all time! Until I had seen this coin, I didn't know that Hamburg had produced ANY Proofs of these currency coins in this quality.  The mintage in Proof is thought to have been only 100 to 150 pieces. Slight die wipes give this coin...
€1 975.00