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A truly superior example of this commemorative issue in almost flawless condition with sleek fields and brilliant swirling lustre. This coin seems a good candidate to try for a "+", that's how nice it is!
WOW !  The PCGS grade says it all - and so does the photo.  When we saw this coin, we just HAD to buy it - forget the "book value". This coin is just incredible in its freshness, AND has ZERO oxidization !!!  For a collector of ultimate quality, this coin is a must.
How wonderful these coins look when in top Proof condition ! Frosty details on deep mirrors with just a shimmer of lustre around the inscription.  There is a miniscule touch of milling contact on the obverse and a tiny, natural dull patch on the reverse right of the Eagle's head.  These...
€2 975.00 
For the life of me, I cannot see why PCGS graded this coin at only MS64.  The very few tiny nicks are tucked away discreetly in the designs, and none of them are visible to the naked eye.  The coin is bright and clean with an unusual amount of lustre for these. This is a lovely, higher-...
This is the way this coin SHOULD look !  A very well and fully struck coin with swirling bright lustre, the dreaded two towers are virtually free of contact.  A handful of very tiny marks which are only visible under a strong glass are generally confined to the design and don't interfere...
€1 100.00 
This coin is a superb Proof in virtually perfect condition with NO oxydization flecks.  Despite a relatively large Proof mintage, few examples have survived that are not impaired in some way or do not show signs of atmospheric corrosion. A lovely Proof for the discerning collector.  
Snowy white details float on deep, black mirrors - this is the way a DCAM should look! A little rubbing at some point over the decades has left some hair-lines in the fields.  There are NO scratches, scuffs or dull spots. NOTE:  DCAM Proofs from the Berlin mint are ALL exceedingly rare. ...
€1 675.00 
It is hard to know what is "Top of Pops", as there are at least THREE variations of this coin in Proof, and PCGS doesn't distinguish between them. This coin is the variation with lustrous inscriptions, portrait and hand, otherwise the fields are completely mirrored.  If you turn the coin...
A truly superior coin from a mint which was not producing its best at the time.  The striking is unusually full and sharp, the lustre is a lovely combination of a swirl around the inscriptions combined with a horizontal wash from die-cleaning.  Any contact is so minimal you really have to...
ALL Rentenpfennig coins in Proof are RARE.  Our experience shows that they are also very much under-rated (and under-valued!) in top condition. Only some microscopic ticks (NOT visible to the naked eye!) keep this from ultimate perfection.  A faint overall toning makes this look more like...