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A little ball of fiery lustre!  Only a small point of contact on the field by the King's mouth holds this coin back from being at least one grade higher. This coin must have been struck near the end of the life of the dies: superb die-breaks run around through the bottom of WUERTTEMBERG...
Fully struck and with booming cartwheel lustre.  There is only some very minor, scattered chatter but nothing of note.  Even in "only" MS64, these start getting RARE. These circulation coins are hard to find looking THIS nice!
Hi-Bar "H":  There are a few very light and tiny nicks of contact to the portraits which you will only see using a STRONG glass.  Otherwise, this coin is PERFECT.  The reverse is a radiant blaze of lustre, demonstrating the best of what new dies can produce, with slightly mirror fields. ...
€1 650.00 
OMG !  The ultimate Wurttemberg Proof !  It is estimated that only about 150 to 200 Proofs were struck, making this GEM in all probability UNIQUE !
€3 475.00 
This is the way a DCAM Proof 3 Mark SHOULD look !  Just a hint of some stray hair-lines which you will only even become aware of if you turn the coin and catch the light JUST right.  The reverse shows some light yellow-gold toning on the centre devices of the Eagle, adding a neat touch of...
What a joy it is when you can find one of these Crown-size coins in such original condition !  This one is a truly glorious first-strike with satiny relief set among polished fields.  The contrast is all there and if this were a Proof, would probably have been given a CAM grade.  Only...
€1 785.00 
All we can say about this coin is: WICKED !!! The satiny details spring out at you from pale amber mirrors of unfathomable depth. This MUST have been one of the first coins struck from the new dies.  And how this coin has survived a 100 years in such perfect condition defies explanation...
€3 750.00 
Due to the very high portrait and dish-like fields, these coins are notoriously difficult to find in higher grades.  See the Pops.  This is a solid MS63.  We don't normally submit such coins for grading when it is obvious that a top grade can't be expected, UNLESS there's something...
These currency coins were not treated with the same TLC as commemoratives, even in Proof condition.  That is why they are so hard to find in unimpaired condition. The only thing keeping this coin back from an even loftier grade is a tiny planchet fault just to the left of the neck...
After decades of dealing with these coins, it still suprises us how difficult these are to find in top grades.  Take a look at the Pops! This is a problem-free example with full lustre and only the tiniest points of contact on the highest parts of the relief.