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Way, way above average for these.  No corrosion or verdigris, almost no nicks or scratches from circulation, very clean but NOT cleaned! Altogether a premium example of this rare coin.  
€1 475.00
A really flashy Proof with clear, watery mirrored fields.  There are only a very few stray hair-lines behind the head.  The planchet shows a couple of tiny areas of natural porosity. I have seen a couple of the higher-graded examples that don't look as nice as this one.
€1 675.00
This MUST be THE nicest MS63 around.  PCGS can be very stuborn. A beautiful coin with swirling lustre on bright, clean surfaces.  So nice that I re-submitted this looking for MS 64+.  So now you know how nice this coin REALLY is ....
Now here's the real deal!  Absolutely FULLY struck (including the crown above the Eagle's head) combined with booming, swirling lustre, well worthy of a "+". The Pops with tell you how few have survived in this condition.  ;-)   Only a minute scratch right of the King's head is visible to...
€1 275.00
A lovely, bright little coin with full swirling lustre.  A strong die crack runs down the King's neck to the rim.  Otherwise nothing is visible without using a strong glass. A great example of this scarce one-year type.
€1 575.00
Full bright lustre and unusually well-struck.  Never in circulation but a little baggy. This and 1872 are among the rarest coins of Saxony in high grade.  No one can properly explain why these coins are always so hacked up.  Many years ago, together with a colleague, we opened an original...
A super Proof from the Hamburg mint!  This coin is about as perfect as the day it left the mint.  There is a hint of a minute abrasion above the "1" in "19", otherwise this Proof is perfect.  Considering the nicely matted details, why PCGS didn't feel this coin worthy of a CAM-grade is...
€1 575.00
A killer Proof from the Berlin mint!  This coin is about as perfect as the day it left the mint.  There is a tiny, natural planchet fault to right of the "3" and a hint of abrasion above "HELLER". I don't care how the Jäger or K/M catalogues value these Proofs, they are as scarce as hen's...
€1 550.00
The real deal, as if hand-picked out of new dies fresh after minting!  The start of VERY light colour around the edges makes this coin a true joy to behold.
€1 475.00
A really bright, flashy example with sleek, swirling lustre.   Fresh back from the March Grading Week in Paris, but there is so little wrong with this coin that I am tempted to try for "66".