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PCGS is generally hard on these minor coins in zink.  This here is no exception. This specimen is problem-free, even using a strong glass, and is exceptionally well struck for these.  There is an unusually strong charcoal lustre and no corrosion.  But even at "only" MS63, none have been...
Wow! Fully struck from unworn dies with cartwheel lustre. A light scratch behind the head (which you can only see if you catch the light just right!) is all that keeps this coin from being at least an MS65.   There are lovely, light, original patches of pewter/grey toning, and the...
€4 850.00 
A lovely "white" coin with beautifully sharp contrast and nice, deep mirrors.  Some faint traces of haze in the fields (and I mean REALLY faint!), are all that keeps this coin from being slabbed a couple grades higher.  Even a picky collector will like this one!
€1 975.00 
Although lightly cleaned at some point long ago, leaving faint hair-lines, these have since virtually disappeared under a rich amber / reddish-brown toning.  The details are razor-sharp. One can't think of any currency coins in Proof as "common", but the 1911 is FAR scarcer than the first...
A beautiful coin with full, blooming lustre.  The small ticks which you will see under a glass are not, in my opinion, enough to keep this from MS65, but maybe PCGS misinterpreted some of the many die-cracks.... I don't care how picky you are, this is one lovely coin, well worthy of the...
€1 350.00 
You'll need a glass to see what keeps this coin from being graded higher, and even WITH a glass, you'll see the contact points blending into the beard.  Nice contrast with somewhat proof-like fields make this coin fully deserving of its "+".
These large and heavy coins almost always have had SOMETHING happen to them in the 100+ years since minting. This is an amazingly problem-free example with wonderful contrast.  Using a strong glass, you will find a handful of faint contact marks, but I still feel that PCGS was a bit harsh...
€2 350.00 
The earlier dates in this series are ALL very difficult to find in higher grades.  This is overall a very pleasing coin with bright lustre and hardly any toning.  There are some very minor scratches at the base of the Grand Duke's neck, but only if you turn the coin sideways at just the...
€1 175.00 
I feel that MS61 is a bit harsh as the lustre is virtually intact with a lovely "sweep" on the reverse.  The only fault is a small scuff near the neck truncation, which you can only really see if you catch the light just right.  These small coins are rare in high grades as they were not...
€4 700.00 
No problems with this coin, just a few very minor and well scattered contact marks.  With its booming lustre and sharp strike, I don't know why this coin didn't get a "+"; it certainly deserves it!