Prussia, 20 Mark, 1888-A (Berlin), PCGS PR63

Coin Details

This was one of the first coins minted with the portrait of the new Emperor. 

The designs clashed with the new dies.  In spite of this, the mint in Berlin did its best to produce Proofs.  Here we have one of the finest surviving examples of this first gold coin of the new Emperor.  This is a really nice-looking Proof with just a very little bit of contact in the fields, light but nothing serious.  The PCGS photo gives you a very good idea of just how nice this coin looks.

Funny enough, there don't seem to be ANY realistic "Book" values for these coins in Proof.  But the competition when one of these turns up at auction is INTENSE.


Krause-Mishler #
Jaeger #
Denomination 20 Mark
Name, Date, Mintmark 1888-A (Berlin)
Grade PR63
4, 1 higher
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Holder Type All coins are enclosed in a 
€ 2 875.00