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HEALTH WARNING:  We will not be held responsible for eye damage if you don't wear shades to look at this coin !!! An absolutely incredible BLAST of cartwheel lustre swirling around the almost flawless, highly polished fields set off the satin-white details.  If EVER a coin deserved a PL...
€ 9 750.00
This is a brilliant example which must have originated from the start of production - the dies are fresh and the details are razor-sharp.  A full bright lustre turns over the entire fields with only a couple miniscule points of contact.  We considered trying for a "+", but PCGS  is...
€ 3 875.00
A really flashy Proof with clear, watery mirrored fields.  There are only a very few stray hair-lines behind the head.  The planchet shows a couple of tiny areas of natural porosity. I have seen a couple of the higher-graded examples that don't look as nice as this one.
€ 1 675.00