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A rainbow proof showing the whole range of colours from electric blue to puple to turquoise at the rims.  Both sides are equally spectacularly coloured.  There is a tiny scrape in the field just below the chin, but this is completely covered by the toning, so you need a glass and catch...
€ 2 250.00
As with most of these large coins, there is light rubbing in the field, in this case to the left of the portrait.  A good CAM striking with light golden toning around the rims. In spite of an official Proof mintage of 500 pieces, this coin is notoriously difficult to find unblemished.
€ 2 175.00
As with almost all known examples, it was cleaned at some stage, looooong ago, leaving some very light hair-lines.   Much is no longer apparent under a fine, even greyish toning with hints of gun-metal blue.  A good CAM striking, but PCGS didn't honour this. In spite of an official Proof...
€ 2 675.00