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This is an exceedingly rare coin in gem condition.  The high relief and open fields are particularly vulnerable to contact.  This example has particularly clean fields; there are a couple microscopic nicks in the cheek of William II.  The striking is unusually full, which PCGS has...
€ 465.00
This coin is in the same condition as when it left the bank over 120 years ago, but with the addition of some light champagne toning around the rims.  A full, swirling lustre on both sides shows only the tiniest of bag marks, nothing showing painfully obviously.  This coin is so...
€ 1 195.00
PCGS went really hard on this one, as this is one of the nicest, problem-free examples I have ever seen. Full striking, bright swirling lustre, very delicate toning toeard the rims ... lovely!  Any contact is visible only using a STRONG glass.
€ 375.00