Weimar Republic, 1 Mark, 1924-A (Berlin), PCGS PR63

Coin Details

When producing the Rentenmark coins, it appears that none of the mints made any effort to match the quality achieved during the German Empire period, especially the mint at Berlin.

Typical of these coins, the planchet is of a rough finish, but the striking has brought out the mirrors just about all over the coin.  The contrast and brightness are well above average.  There is a very slight scuff on the field to the right of the "1".

With a Proof mintage thought to be about 200, these are all VERY RARE in collectable quality.  We are proud to also currently have in stock the "1 higher".

Krause-Mishler #
Jaeger #
Denomination Mark
Name, Date, Mintmark
1924-A (Berlin)
Grade PR63
1, 1 higher
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Holder Type All coins are enclosed in a 
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