Weimar Republic, Oak Tree 5 Reichsmark, 1927-A (Berlin), PCGS PR66CAM

Coin Details

After dealing in these Proofs for over 30 years, certain patterns become apparent.

Although Berlin was the main Mint, the quality of the Proofs they produced, especially during the Weimar period, are not up to the standards achieved in Karlsruhe(G) or Muldenhütten (E).  It would appear that the blanks were not polished properly before Proof striking, and therefore deep mirrors could not be achieved.

This coin is quite exceptional for a coin from the Berlin Mint.  Quite deep mirrors, very good contrast and fully struck-up details indicate that this coin was struck from fresh dies.  Apart from a few absolutely microscopic ticks, this is about as good as it gets for a Berlin Proof of this period.

Krause-Mishler #
Jaeger #
Denomination Reichsmark
Name, Date, Mintmark
Oak Tree
1927-A (Berlin)
Grade PR66CAM
1, 2 higher
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Holder Type All coins are enclosed in a 
€ 2 975.00