Weimar Republic, Oak Tree 5 Reichsmark, 1928-G (Karlsruhe), PCGS MS66

Coin Details

An incredibly flashy coin in almost flawless condition with sleek fields and brilliant swirling lustre.  There are small traces of contact to the right of the Oak Tree, but that's about it.  These large and heavy coins with milled edges almost always suffer from being banged about during transport, so when you find one like this, especially with a relatively small mintage, it's something really special.

Also, this coin seems a good candidate to try for a "+", that's how nice it is.  This coin is a full THREE GRADES higher than KM's value for BU (MS63).

This is Top of the Pops and will probably remain there, so don't hold your breath waiting for a better one to turn up.

Krause-Mishler #
Jaeger #
Denomination Reichsmark
Name, Date, Mintmark
Oak Tree
1928-G (Karlsruhe)
Grade MS66
1, none higher
+ Link to PCGS

Holder Type All coins are enclosed in a 
€ 1 875.00