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A really bright coin which deserves at least MS62: the lustre is bright and unbroken and swirls over the surfaces. As usual with these coins, the big, open surfaces beg for bag-marking, but this is minor and well-distributed overall. This is one of the nicest-looking Goethe 5 Marks I've...
€ 2 975.00
A really flashy Proof with clear, watery mirrored fields.  There are only a very few stray hair-lines behind the head.  The planchet shows a couple of tiny areas of natural porosity. I have seen a couple of the higher-graded examples that don't look as nice as this one.
€ 1 675.00
A really bright, flashy example with sleek, swirling lustre.   Fresh back from the March Grading Week in Paris, but there is so little wrong with this coin that I am tempted to try for "66".
€ 975.00
Way, way above average for these.  No corrosion or verdigris, almost no nicks or scratches from circulation, very clean but NOT cleaned! Altogether a premium example of this rare coin.  
€ 1 475.00
A very decent Proof with light toning around the edges. Although the fields do show some light contact very well distributed, I feel the PCGS grading to be a bit harsh.  It might make PR62 on a better day but no guarantees. These coins in ANY PR grade are rare!
€ 2 975.00
I havn't had the priviledge of seeing the two coins graded higher, but I doubt that either of them is more attractive.  There is so little to detract that I honestly would have not batted an eye-lid if PCGS had graded this coin PR66 CAM. Deep mirrors on both sides, the obverse with an...
€ 975.00
You want the best?  Here it is! I'll let the lofty grade and the PCGS photo speak for themselves.
€ 1 375.00
Despite the relatively large mintages, few of these coins were actually ever put into circulation.  By 1932, the Weimar Governament were well advanced in their plans to cheat the German population by reducing the amount of silver per Reichsmark used for coinage.  And collectors wern't...
€ 895.00
The aesthetically pleasing design by Prof. Rudolf Bosselt did not translate well into a practical coin for collectors.  The soccer-pitch sized fields are just begging for hits. Where PCGS came up with this grade is mystery.  The first time I submitted this coin, it came back with a...
€ 2 975.00
Do the Pops surprise you, considering this is such a "common" coin?  Don't be fooled ....  Nobody much bothered to lay away these uninterresting circulation coins at the time.  All the earlier dates are quite elusive in higher grades, 1902 also being a lower maintage. This is a much-above...
€ 295.00